Three American spy planes have been detected over the Russian border

The Russian aerial observation centre reported the overflight by American spy planes of Russia’s southern and western borders.

A United States Air Force Boeing RC-135V (large spy plane, deployed at the US military base in the United Kingdom) was observed at around 12 noon Moscow time, near the Kaliningrad border in the Baltic Sea. It was flying at a speed of 692 km/h and an altitude of approximately 8,000 meters.

In addition, on Tuesday, a United States Air Force P-8A aircraft took off from the Sikonya base on Sicily Island in Italy before heading to the city of Novorossiisk. Shortly thereafter, a reconnaissance aircraft flew for three hours over the southern borders of the Crimea. This aircraft was flying at a speed of 567 km/h and an altitude of 4.6 km.

Similarly, an American RQ-4B-40 UAV took off from the Sicilian base to fly over the Donbass region of Ukraine.

These thefts are part of the many spying operations conducted by the United States in recent months.

The United States and NATO have increased their spying operations in recent years near Russia’s borders with the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, as well as around Russian military bases in Syria.

Last year, the Russian army detected about 3,000 foreign aircraft, including a thousand aircraft and spy drone, near Russia’s maritime and land borders. The Russian defence minister has repeatedly asked the Pentagon to stop its flights, but Washington has always ignored this request.


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