Trump to the Saudi King: We have spent a lot of money to defend you

US President Donald Trump has once again humiliated Saudi Arabia and its King Salman ben Abdel Aziz.

During an election rally on Sunday, April 28, with his supporters in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Trump said he called King Salman and asked him to pay more money to the United States in exchange for the protection of this Wahabi kingdom.

“We spent a lot to defend you, and you have a lot of money,” Trump told the Saudi king, imitating his accent.

He added that King Salmane replied: “No one had contacted me before for such reasons”. Trump then told him: “it’s because they were stupid”.

Defending his commitment to the relationship with Arabia, he said: “Arabia is a very rich country that we defend and that has only money. I don’t want to lose hundreds of billions of dollars.

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