Trump’s statements on the Golan will have the opposite effect, as will his “Deal of the Century”.

Hossein Amirabdollahian, the Iranian Parliament’s Special Assistant for International Affairs, has just stated: “Trump is trying to create new tension in the region and his comments about a sensitive territorial issue such as the Golan could bring the region back to a military situation and serious threats against the Zionist regime”.

“Two years ago, Trump made a lot of noise with his “Deal of the Century” about Palestine. But none of its proposals and measures have been welcomed at the regional or international level. The transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Quds was also only a theatrical axis since there was already the American Consulate in that city: it was only a matter of making theatre and putting a new sign on the wall of the[consulate’s] building.

Amirabdollahian explained that the statements on the Golan are also a cover to hide the defeat of the “Deal of the Century”, because “there is not really a precise plan for Palestine, just contradictory and thoughtless ideas. Jared Koushner, in charge of this case, is completely inexperienced in foreign policy. The Americans who failed on the Deal of the Century, now promise Golan sovereignty to Israel and try to use the Zionist regime and get what they want from it. Indeed, Mr. Trump is only a businessman and just as he dispossessed the Saudis of their money, he also wants to depreciate the Zionists.

He added that the developments designed since 2011 for West Asia with the terrorists supported by the USA-Israel-Arab monarchies axis could not succeed thanks to the Resistance axis which did not allow the enemies to make as they wanted a new map of the region. Indeed, according to the Iranian official, the enemies wanted to overthrow the political system in Syria, bring chaos to Iraq and parts of Lebanon. “We saw that they didn’t do any of their projects,” he added.

Amirabdollahian said: “Now the axis of the Resistance is glued to the very high concrete walls of the Zionist regime. This occupying regime is surrounded by the Islamic Resistance and any mistakes made by it will be severely reprimanded. »

Regarding the links between the recent Trump Declaration on the Golan and the upcoming parliamentary elections in Israel, the Iranian politician said: “Netanyahu or another, it will not change this regime, which is an occupation and criminal regime and will continue to spread insecurity in the region.

“As no one has welcomed the Deal of the Century and its annexes, despite the noise made by Ben Salmane, no country will welcome as favourably this idea of Trump to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights; this subject is perhaps even more sensitive than the others, because there is in it, the territorial integrity of Syria and Lebanon”.

Amirabodllahian concluded: “The result of the Palestinian people’s resistance is the support they receive from the nations of the region and the international community. This will bring this country back to its former situation, namely a historical territory with Holy Quds as its capital.


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