UAE’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin-Zayed survived an assassination attempt

UAE’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin-Zayed survived an assassination attempt by members of the police with the help of some security forces operating in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Palace.

According to Timemasrya, the special forces to protect the presidential palace could arrest an element of an official in the UAE army who had planned to assassinate the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

The source added that the incident coincided with the Arab-European Summit and that is why Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed wasabsent in this summit.The Emirati participation was limited to the governor of Fujairah, Hamad bin Mohammed al-Sharqi, a member of the Supreme Council of the State, in addition to a number of ministers, according to Al-Ittihad UAE newspaper.The meetings of the Arab-European summit was held with a large presence of representatives of European and Arab countries, bringing together about 50 delegations from both sides.The summit addressed many political and economic issues related to economic and social development, including the Palestinian issue and ways to achieve a comprehensive and just peace. It also discussed issues such as Syria, Libya, Yemen and the Arab, European and international efforts. In addition, the summit discussed economic and cultural cooperation between the Arab and European countries, and discuss common challenges between the two sides, such as combating terrorism, illegal immigration and human and weapons trafficking.

It is worth mentioning that numerous reports suggest that Bin-Zayed played a major role in orchestrating the military strikes against Yemen.

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