US intelligence accuses Bolton in the Iranian case

Trump administration hawks have spent the past two weeks denouncing an increased threat from Iran. But US intelligence officials believe that Iran’s “aggressive measures” were taken in response to the provocative and even “very provocative acts of the US administration”.

Three American government officials reported to the Daily Beast that the heads of several American intelligence agencies had considered that “Iran’s new threatening activity”, cited by the Trump administration as a justification for its military presence in the Persian Gulf, was in response to the aggressive behaviour adopted by the American administration over the past two months.

On the other hand, several Capitol Hill legislators told the Daily Beast that “the aggressive decisions taken by Tehran… seem to be a response to Washington’s actions, which puts pressure on the Islamic Republic and its leaders”. The Trump administration’s decisions to tighten oil sanctions and designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group were particularly provocative, as American legislators have rightly pointed out.

“Without revealing any confidential information, I must say that there is nothing to show us that we should send our B-52 bombers and Marines to the region. Our positions are not based on data from intelligence agencies,” a U.S. congressman who wanted to remain anonymous told the Daily Beast.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal also wrote that “Iranian actions” were a direct reaction to the anti-Iranian actions of the US government.


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