US withdrawal from Iraq: Israel panics

The Israeli newspaper Maariv reports concern in Tel Aviv and Washington about the vote in the Iraqi Parliament on the bill on the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, reported Al-Sumaria News TV channel.

“Given the main purpose of President Trump’s decision to maintain the presence of US forces on Iraqi soil, namely to prevent the creation of a geopolitical corridor through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon that completes Iran’s influence in the region, Washington and Tel Aviv fear that the Iraqi Parliament will pass the law on the withdrawal of US forces,” said the newspaper Maariv.

Israel has placed Iraq on the list of countries under intelligence scrutiny. Israeli military intelligence (Amman) and Mossad focus mainly on gathering information on Iran’s presence in Iraq.

Quoted by Maariv, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the intelligence services in Tel Aviv are paying particular attention to the situation in Iraq.

“Israel’s real fear is that Iran will build missile production facilities in Iraq,” he adds. Fath 10, Zelzal and Zolfaqar missiles, with ranges from 200 to 700 km.

The distance between Israel and western Iraq does not exceed 400 kilometres, so these missiles threaten the heart of Israel, warns the newspaper, which recalls that in 1991, the Iraqi government fired 39 missiles at Tel Aviv, Haifa and Dimona.

Iran has missiles called Shahab missiles with a range of 1,300 to 2,000 kilometres and high accuracy, which allow it to target any target inside Israel.

“Iran prefers to use short-range missiles for bombing Israel, according to Israeli military circles. The longer the range of a missile, the more likely it is to be intercepted by air defence systems, which is exactly what the installation of a missile factory in Iraq represents,” Maariv added.


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