Velayat 97: firing of a cruise missile by the Ghadir submarine

On this third day of the “Velayat 97” manoeuvres, the Iranian Navy’s Ghadir-class submarine successfully launched a cruise missile.

An Iranian Ghadir-class mini-submarine fired the first cruise missile launch from deep inside, the Iranian army announced on Sunday, February 24 on its website.

The “Velayat 97” maritime manoeuvres are in their final phase and the launch of a cruise missile from the Iranian Ghadir class mini-submarine is a great success for Iran.

“On the third day of the Velayat 97 exercises, a Ghadir-class submarine of the Iranian Navy successfully fired a cruise missile. Since submarine-fired missiles have a limited range and the submarine is at risk of being spotted by the enemy during firing, experts from the Iranian navy and Ministry of Defence have for the first time launched a cruise missile from a great depth,” the army’s statement states.

The Iranian army also stated that other Iranian submarines, including the Tareq and Fateh class, were also capable of destroying targets on the surface using immersion missiles.


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