What is the purpose of NATO exercises in Russia’s backyard?

While the United States has announced its new strategy for a military confrontation with Russia and China, including a “secret attack” on enemy territory targeting its weak points, NATO member states are preparing to conduct the “Poseidon 19” naval manoeuvres from 1 to 8 March in the Black Sea region, exactly in Russia’s backyard.

More than 11,000 soldiers, 10 Romanian ships, 2 frigates and 4 Bulgarian, German, Spanish and Turkish military ships will participate in these manoeuvres. With regard to air operations, helicopters, two MiGs and two F-16s from the Romanian Air Force will participate.

The objective of these exercises is to strengthen inter-operationality between the ships and military forces of the participating countries and those of the Romanian navy.

US Air Force Chief of Staff David Goldfain recently announced the United States’ new confrontation strategy against Russia and China, including a “secret attack” on enemy territory and attacks targeting its weak points.

“The cost of this new strategy is approximately $135 billion. It is essentially based on the use of fifth-generation F-35 bombers,” said David Goldfain.


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