Who owns Badr-3, the missile that turned Ashkelon upside down?

When Nasrallah said last Thursday that an Israeli war against Lebanon almost made him laugh, sources near Riyadh and Tel Aviv accused him of underestimating “the power of Israel”. The 48 hours preceding Israel’s new surrender on Monday, May 6 at 4.30 am sharp in the face of the Resistance, proved Hezbollah’s Secretary General right. Returning to the catastrophic balance sheet of the Israeli army since Saturday, DEBKAfile writes :

“While the army relies on government policy and directives, its spokesman receives his orders from the Chief of Staff. General Aviv Kochavi would do well to urgently repair the current strategy of the IDF spokesman to issue false and misleading statements. An effort must also be made to restore the credibility of this institution, given the important role it plays in the public eye, especially in times of psychological pressure and stress.

On Sunday, May 5, as the joint headquarters of Islamic Jihad-Hamas continued to conduct missile strikes against southern and southeastern Israel, firing some of its devices beyond Dimona, and pushing Israelis to suspend rail, sea and even air traffic, the security cabinet decided on a parody troop deployment, sending its armoured brigade and elite soldiers to the borders with Gaza. DEBKA comments on this ridiculous episode:

“As for army morale, combat units were deployed Sunday in the Gaza sector for the second time in two weeks to be evacuated two hours later to their bases without doing anything. And it is in this context that Israelis are wondering how to return to normal life when neither the army nor politics is concerned about our security? ”

And the Israeli site does not believe so well in saying. The Palestinian Resistance has vowed to avenge the blood of innocent Palestinians who lost their lives Saturday and Sunday under Israeli bombs dropped in Gaza. Now, Israel seems to have been surprised by the Palestinian Resistance’s response, which fired hundreds of missiles at the aggressor enemy. However, unlike the Israelis, the Resistance is not bluffing: the factory that was pulverized in Ashkelon, leaving three dead, was pulverized by the missiles of the Islamic Jihad of Palestine, a first since the Palestinian people decided to expel Israel from its ancestral land.

Saraya al-Quds, the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, claimed responsibility for the firing of the Badr-3 missile at the Israeli settlement of Ashkelon in a statement.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement shared a video on its official website, unveiling the Resistance’s new missile. “On the video, the fighters handle the devices with extreme skill, probably wanting to make it clear that in a land of Resistance, you make your own defence and you don’t just sit back and receive it from Sudan, Iran or elsewhere,” notes an image expert close to the Resistance.

Lebanese Hezbollah strongly condemned the Zionist regime’s aggression against the Gaza Strip while praising the Palestinian nation’s resistance: “This is Palestine’s response to the Deal of the Century, a response by a nation that courageously and judiciously defends its land, sovereignty and security, giving great lessons to the enemy. Resistance and Unity are the two ways to put an end to Israel’s aggressions and abuses,” said the Lebanese Resistance in its statement.

The Islamic Resistance movement in Lebanon has also fully supported the Palestinian Resistance and its valiant struggle against Israeli aggressors, while calling on all Arab-Muslim countries to strongly condemn the brutal offensive of Israeli forces and to support Palestinians in the face of Israeli terrorism. “Israel has seen the colour of Hezbollah’s support for the Palestinian Resistance in the last 48 hours. Most of the 700 missiles fired at Israel were short- and medium-range but also high-precision, the analyst still notes.


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