Will the US have time to organize a false flag operation in Iraq?

Why these two days of crazy media campaign accusing Iran and a large part of the Iraqi armed forces, namely the Hashd, of “bad intentions” towards Washington? The United States and the media on its side even went so far as to threaten the Iraqi state in the worst way. The answer has just been given: at a time when the Iraqis are demanding the departure of the US military, it is necessary to justify an extension of the US military presence, via the deployment of ammunition and additional forces in Ain al-Assad… All it would take now is an operation under a false banner for the US war dynamic to be triggered. Will Ain al-Assad serve as a basis for an anti-Iranian war from Iraq? In any case, the United States is calling for it.

“The draft law on US withdrawal from Iraq will be presented to Parliament on Saturday,” said Karim al-Aliwi, member of the Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defence Committee.

“Parliament will examine attacks committed by US forces under the pretext of fighting Daech,” said Karim al-Aliwi.

“Similarly, the Iraqi Parliament will take dissuasive measures against US forces to preserve the country’s sovereignty,” he told the Al-Maalouma news website.

“The Security Committee and several representatives of the al-Fath and Saeroun coalitions have considered examining this Saturday, May 18, the draft law on the withdrawal of foreign troops, including the American military, from Iraq,” added al-Aliwi.

The representatives of al-Fath and Saeroun are determined to examine the attacks by American forces on the same day as well.

For al-Aliwi, this bill would be passed on Saturday, as these two coalitions are in the majority in parliament.

The presence of US forces in Iraq has recently become a highly controversial issue in political circles and some Iraqi representatives are calling for legislation to expel the US military.

Iraqi public opinion and Parliament began to raise their voices on the day that US President Donald Trump visited the Ain al-Assad airbase in the western Iraqi province of al-Anbar during the New Year’s holidays, causing outrage among Iraqis.

A month later, Trump tried to justify the presence of his soldiers by stating that his objective was to observe Iran.

These statements provoked the reaction of Iraqi President Barham Saleh, his Prime Minister Adel Abdel-Mahdi and the source of imitation of Iraqi Shiites, Ayatollah Ali Sistani.

The Iraqi authorities have stated that they will not allow their country to become a base for attacking or observing their Iraqi neighbours.

According to another report, the US military is in the process of strengthening the Ain al-Assad base. “They imported new military equipment and devices into the airport of this base.

The actions of the American military have increased in recent days. “This is the first time that U.S. forces have attempted to expand this base for military and defensive purposes, but the precise reason is still unknown,” a security source in al-Anbar province told Al-Maalouma.

“Much of the airport will be expanded south of this base,” added the source, which believes that the U.S. military intends to stay on the base for an extended period of time.

The photos, published by the Al-Maalomah news website, show U.S. military personnel strengthening the Ain al-Assad base in al-Anbar province.

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