Yellow vests: Nearly 65% of French people continue to support the movement

Week after week, public support for the yellow vest movement continues. When it doesn’t get stronger. Almost three months after the beginning of the mobilization and as Act XIII is taking shape, 64% of the French are still supporting the movement, according to the monthly YouGov barometer for Le HuffPost and CNews conducted between Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 January. Compared to the previous wave (conducted between 4 and 7 January), this rate increases by two points, while the President’s popularity rating remains stable and the major national debate is in full swing.

Even a small rebound for the perception of movement in the eyes of the French. 77% of them now find the mobilization “justified” against 74% in January. On the other hand, just 20% of respondents consider the slingshot “unjustified.” In detail, support may have fallen on the right (-2%) and left (-3%) sides – and climbed among the centrists (+2%)-, the only French people to say they are mostly against this sling are not surprised the LREM sympathisers. However, the rate of support for the movement rose from 21 to 23% in one month among Emmanuel Macron’s supporters.

The yellow vests must continue (even during the big debate)
Another indication of this semblance of a second wind: the majority of public opinion believes that the movement must continue during the two months of the great national debate, a first. The support rate rises four points from one wave to the next to 52% today compared to 48% in January 2019, as you can see on the graph above.

A small disavowal for the current government, which constantly praises the merits and success of its enterprise, which began in mid-January and is punctuated, in particular, by the visits of the President of the Republic, who is willing to take part in major debates.

According to our January barometer, the French remain sceptical about these weeks of discussion. They are still in the majority (58% compared to 84% the previous month) to say they are poorly informed about the organisation of this major national debate. This figure may drop drastically from one month to the next, but it reveals a persistent mistrust on the part of the French, for whom these two months of debate may only be another stroke of the sword in the water. In detail, 58% believe that these discussions will not help to influence government policy and 54% doubt that the proposals will be returned “in full transparency and impartiality”.


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