Yemen: 5th year of the war, the year of surprises for Riyadh

Shortly after the Yemeni Defence Minister warned of the unpleasant surprises awaiting Saudi coalition mercenaries in the fifth year of the war in Yemen, Yemeni snipers killed more than 20 Saudi army soldiers on the southern fronts of Saudi Arabia.

In their most recent operation in recent hours, Yemeni army sniper unit and People’s Committee (Ansarallah) fighters killed 23 Saudi army mercenaries on the Jizan and Asir fronts in southern Saudi Arabia, reported Al-Masirah TV.

In recent days, Yemeni snipers have intensified their operations, killing dozens of Saudi coalition mercenaries on both the internal fronts and at the border.

During intense clashes with Saudi mercenaries, following their offensive against the Yemeni fighters’ positrons at the Alab crossing point, Ansarallah’s forces managed to inflict heavy material damage and loss of life on the pro-Riyad coalition.

Earlier, Yahya Saree, spokesperson for the Yemeni forces, said that the Yemeni sniper unit had carried out more than 22,000 operations since March 2015, when the Saudi coalition began its aggression against Yemen, killing and injuring hundreds of Riyadh’s attackers.

In addition, General Mohammad Nasser Al-Atefi, Yemeni Minister of Defence, stressed on Thursday 21 March that political leaders were keen to achieve an honourable peace. According to him, if the aggressors and their mercenaries persist in maintaining their arrogance by insisting on refusing to implement the peace agreement, the Yemeni response will be harsh and painful.

“The aggressors will pay the price for their intransigence and the fifth year will be a year of surprises and great victories for us,” he said.

He explained that the coalition of aggressors was doing everything possible to humiliate the Yemeni people and occupy their land, but that it would not succeed, adding that “our armed forces now have the strategic capabilities, skills and deterrence weapons to defeat the Saudi coalition”.

He added: “The United Nations has tried to spare Hudaydah from destruction and war, but the pro-Riyad coalition and its mercenaries strike Hudaydah every day. They have prepared, over the past two months, more than they had prepared over the past four years. However, their efforts will eventually fail in the face of the firmness of our people, the army and the People’s Committees. »

In order to bring the Yemeni people to terms with their policies and, above all, to prevent the formation of an independent government in Yemen, Saudi Arabia formed, with the green light from the United States, a coalition of several Arab countries to launch a major operation against Yemen in March 2015. This war, which led to the worst humanitarian crisis of the century according to the UN, resulted only in the destruction of the infrastructure of this poorest country in the Middle East, as well as the death of thousands of civilians and the displacement of millions of Yemenis.


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