Yemen:’The United Kingdom is a major accomplice in the war’. 15 Katyusha rockets fired by the coalition against Hodeida

The mercenaries of the Saudi-USA coalition once again violated the ceasefire in Hodeida (West) by firing 15 Katyusha rockets into the Kilo 16 area on Wednesday, January 30.
15 other raids were carried out on Wednesday by the coalition against this port region, said the spokesman of the Yemeni forces (army + Ansarullah), General Yehya Sari’. He added: “The continued violations of this truce, which entered into force in December 2018, constitute a flagrant violation of UN resolutions and risk shattering the agreement reached in Sweden and the efforts to establish peace in Yemen.
For his part, Ansarullah leader Salim Mofless said that the UN’s silence on coalition violations in Hodeida is comparable to a green light for the continuation of the war.
The United Kingdom as an accomplice
Meanwhile, Ansarullah’s Secretary General, Fadel Abu Taleb, has stated that Britain is a hostile country to the Yemeni people and a key part in the aggression against the Yemeni people from day one.
He added: “Great Britain is involved in this aggression in a technical and logistical way and sells all kinds of deadly weapons to the countries of aggression (Saudi-Emergency Coalition)”.
“London also provides international political coverage for the coalition’s attacks in Yemen,” he said.

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